Sharing internet [Macbook and PS3]

I wanted to connect to internet from my PS3 to play online game but I am using a wimax internet modem so its not possible to directly connect it to PS3 because PS3 will not recognize it as a wimax modem.
I have a macbook pro and i wanted to use it's airport to share wimax internet to PS3.
this is how I did it:

step 0: open system preferences->network->airport turn it on then select "create network" from network name section drop-down, if you do not have a network. If so create a network and named it same as your macbook name.
step 1: open system preferences and click to sharing
step 2: enable internet sharing
in share your connection from section select your internet connection
and in to computers using section select Airport
step 3: click on Airport Options... button to set wifi password (optional)
step 4: open terminal
step 5: run this command $ cp /etc/bootpd.plist ~/Documents
step 6: open bootpd.plist file from your Document folder and edit using any text editor
you will find these two lines at the end of the file,
change it to this
(note: when you read pretend [ as < and ] as > )

step 7: copy modified file to /etc using this command, $ sudo cp ~/Documents/bootpd.plist /etc
step 8: start internet sharing

power up your ps3 and scan for wireless network and connect :)

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